Composite Manhole Valve

Mechanical strength 2.5 times that of steel
Design according to BS EN124 standard
Load bearing capacity from 1.5 to 40 tons
Possibility of passing electromagnetic signals

Anti-slip according to national standard INSO14976
Electricity and heat insulation
Equipped with unique locks and wrenches
No noise pollution caused by passing vehicles
Possibility of opening the valve by only one person
Can be installed in -50 to 220 degrees
Shelf life over 40 years

Resistance to moisture and a variety of chemicals
UV resistant
Possibility of the degree of the logo and other information of the employer
In two sizes with diameters of 20 and 60 cm

GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) composites produced by this method, with approximately 25% glass fibers and produced with very heavy presses, have a special mechanical strength of up to 2.5 times that of steel.

Therefore, despite the fact that the composite valves produced in this way are up to 70% lighter than similar cast iron valves, they can show equal or even more mechanical properties than the desired cast iron valves.