Composite Water Tanks

health certification from the Food&Drug Administration
health certification from WRAS UK Reference Laboratory
Modular structure (applicable from 1 to 10,000 cubic meters)
Very easy to operate and maintain
Possibility of installation on the ground or in the form of steel towers

Complete sealing (zero leakage)
Very low heat transfer coefficient
UV resistant
Quick installation
Impossibility of growth of algae and harmful microorganisms

Cubic modular composite water tanks are made of a large number of prefabricated panels that have been produced by SMC method. For this purpose, first the SMC raw materials, which are placed in the form of sheets in the form of lavashka with a width of approximately one meter in the form of sheets and under a certain pressure in the defined time, are turned into hard panels in the shape of squares or rectangles. They come in different thicknesses.

From the production of panels in the press station, in the drilling station, special precision holes are made in the edges of the panels by a special machine, thus it is possible to connect the panels to each other using special screws and sealing tape. By creating a concrete foundation required at the installation and assembly of these parts together can be quickly constructed roofed drinking water tanks with the highest international health standards up to a volume of 20,000 cubic meters.


Structure and Specifications