Short Introduction

Eman Ista Electric Company (eiseco) is the first manufacturer of electrical panels, branch boxes, water tanks and GRP composite inspection valves and manholes at Nikan Group in Iran.

In 1998, Noor Ista Plastic Company (NIPCO) from this group, as the parent company and the only producer of composites by SMC method in Iran, for the first time with an initial  investment of 7 million US Dollars, imported the mentioned technology to produce auto parts. Relying on the comparative advantage of the company, the initial investment made to purchase the machinery needed to produce composite parts by the SMC method, as well as having the only SMC raw material production line in the Middle East...


Considering the mission of Emen Ista Electric Company (EISECO) to expand the composite industry, especially in the field of infrastructure industries and services, the company has implemented several projects in the fields of electricity, water and sewage with the hope of improving the level of service standards received by compatriots. Especially in the water and electricity sectors throughout our beloved country.

Below is a summary of the projects implemented in some provinces for you, dear visitor.


1What are the advantages in terms of structural structure and panels in different climatic conditions?
Excellent resistance to environmental conditions - against rot - no corrosion against chemicals - special mechanical strength up to twice steel
2What are the approvals of the tanks in terms of health status?
Very good health status with Food Grade Certificate - Health Certificate from Food and Drug Administration - WRAS certification from the UK in relation to water health
3In terms of volume variation, to what extents can it be installed and changed?
Ability to increase and decrease capacity moving the tank even years after installation and operation from 500 liters to 20,000 cubic meters
4What is the most important comparative advantage of a composite tank over other tanks?
Light weight (about 1.4 percent of metals and 1.3 compared to concrete) - Easy to carry, even in difficult areas - Installation in the shortest time (high installation speed)
5What is the most important and prominent advantage of composite valves (manhole) over other valves?
It is non-recyclable (due to its very difficult technical process and costly)
6How long do these valves last?
The lifetime of manholes is more than 40 years
7Are there any special features for manholes?
Use a unique lock and wrench to prevent anyone from accessing it - Install a sensor to detect valves in a hidden position
8What are the advantages of static electric SMC composite switchboard?
• 50 years lifetime, after the last 30 years, only 2% of mechanical properties are reduced, due to UV properties, unlike ABS thermoplastics, polycarbonate and PVC, etc., are not crushed and broken.
• The presence of the panel frame reduces irreparable financial and human losses and electric shock. Metals do not happen at the city level.
• Composite insulation and therefore no need to ground the body and door of the panel reduces this cost in the equipped panel • Produced modularly according to the German DIN standard, with a constant height and depth of panels installed in the city.
9What is the mechanical strength of SMC composite electrical panel?
The mechanical strength of GRP composite produced by high SMC method, in comparison with metal panel, has a resistance about the panel produced with 2.5 mm sheet. Metal panels are usually made with metal sheet less than or equal to 2 mm.
10What is the difference between the prices of composite panels compared to metal panels?
Composite electrical panels are cheaper than standard 2mm sheet electrostatic paint panels; in the worst case, 20% of low quality metal panels are more expensive, the price difference in the cost of the equipped panel is not more than 5%. Compared to the unique advantages of composite panels, it has economic justification in every way.